Using the Key Value component vs a Table component

I am new to Retool.
What are the major differences between using key value pairs and tables? I'm concerned that if I choose key value pairs, I will be losing functionality and will have to reinvent the wheel with custom JS.

My company has various dashboards pulling data from tables. But they asked me to look into creating a new view that seems to pull some key value fields from one table and other key value pairs that are not located in that same table but rather are located in at least one other table. I need to decide whether to show them both tables (and hide all unnecessary columns). Or just pull out the data they need into a new view using key value pairs instead of table components.

Welcome @conif

Key/value is a very simple, lightweight component that does nothing other that just display key values. event handlers, selections or anything really. You can display HTML from your values, though I have not tried.

The table is a sophisticated, advanced, interactive and heavy component that can do all sorts of things.

If you just want to display values in this way, then Key/Value is a good way to go.

If you want real sorting, selections, click handlers or any other interactivity, then you need to use the big hammer - a Table.