Bulk Update via Primary Key for New Table Component

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I'm trying to write a resource query that uses the GUI bulk updates via primary key for a table in my app. I want users to be able to edit the value of a column in the new table component.

With the old table, you could pass the array {{ table.recordUpdates }} and boom you're good to go. Now, there's either {{ table.changesetArray }} which returns nothing for me, or {{ table.changesetObject }}, which returns an object. I'm not sure how to convert the changesetObjectto an array or how to use thechangesetArray`. Any help would be very appreciated.

EDIT: added some screenshots to show what the JS variables are returning.




To get this to work, I needed to update the table component to reference the primary key as well as in the query. Then I used {{ table.changesetArray }} and it worked just like the old recordUpdate.

I got stuck for awhile because I needed to refresh the page after changing the table component to actually get it to work.

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Glad you were able to get it working @shu! Needing to refresh the page to access changesetArray is a bug that I've filed with the team. If you have any other issues with the new Table component don't hesitate to reach out!

Thank you! This worked perfectly for me.

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