Keeping Variables up to Date with latest data

Hello, Im trying to acheive something along the lines of "realtime" data, but not in the technical sense of realtime. Currently, I am having a third party platform that is sending updated data to a retool workflow, which updates the retool DB. My app is querying the retool DB every 15 seconds, storing as localStorage key.

This localStorage data is displayed in a table and then the is set for a variable, which is then displayed in a drawer component. This is good so far, and the table updates properly, however the drawer does not, until I click another row, and go back to the original row. At this point the drawer does display the updated data, but its not staying in sync with the data displayed in the table.

The drawer gets its data from {{requestData.value}} variable state

I have attempted to create a table event for row onClick trigger JS query, that sets the with the option enabled to keep data in sync for the app, it sets the drawer data once, but again does not stay in sync with the table either.

Any Idea, how I can go about making sure the drawer data matches the data displayed in the table?

This is most important, because one of my 3rd party platforms has a long delay (sadly about 45 seconds) before it triggers webhooks for events that eventually circle back to my retool app.

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Hi @Standroid, could you share a screenshot of your current configuration?
Perhaps we could update the drawer component with an event handler that runs on success of the query that updates the table with the new data. That way, whenever the table updates, the drawer does too.