JsonSchemaForm - more options for height responsiveness

Hi, hope everyone is well. First time posting!

I have a feature on a retool app that lets a user select a service (AWS, GCP, etc.) and allows them to fill out and create a new API authorization key for the selected service. A jsonschemaform component reads the authkey schema from a database and displays a form for the user.

Here's an example of what I mean on retool using the JSONSchemaForm component - Google Drive GIF.

Notice how the number of form inputs can change depending on the selected service.

If there is not a way at the moment to make the JSONSchemaForm component responsive or adjust its height respective to the content of the JSONschema data, having that option would be great! Just to make everything look cleaner.

One idea in my mind is something similar to the { Layout { Height { Hug Contents // Fixed } } } container component property but for the jsonschemaform.


@daniel1 this is a good idea! We've been focusing a lot more of our efforts on our standard form component – is there any way you'd be able to use that for your app?