JSON Schema Form: patternProperties

Currently Retool's JSON Schema Form ignores patternProperties:

Pattern properties are useful in forms. Docs:

Other reference: Support for patternProperties · Issue #1944 · rjsf-team/react-jsonschema-form · GitHub

Here is most of jsonform's implementation: https://github.com/jsonform/jsonform/blob/961c590237b48c13bacd533206222e043ff39c49/deps/opt/jsv.js#L3253-L3282

With no errors:

With errors:

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Thank you @Nezteb!! :pray:

Thanks for posting this request @Nezteb! I can definitely see how this would be useful.

For some context, the JSON schema form component uses React JSON schema form, and from what I can tell, patternProperties aren't supported there yet (see here as well) :disappointed:. On a related note, we are currently using an older version of RJSF and have an internal request to upgrade it to the most recent version. I don't have a timeline quite yet, but can let you know when we're able to upgrade the component so that you can use all of the currently supported features.

Since that RJDF upgrade to the recent version won't cover what you're describing above, I've also filed a separate request to support patternProperties including all of your reference links :bowing_man: . I've linked that new feature request internally to this post so we can update you here when there's any movement!



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react-jsonschema-form is up to date in today update.

`Upgraded the JSON Schema Form component to the latest version.

But is it including patternProperty?

@AnsonHwang correct, react-jsonschema-form is now updated to v5.12

But this library does not support patternProperties. So, we still have an open feature request internally tracking the request to support patternProperties. Will update here when there's movement toward supporting that, but we don't have a specific timeline for this at the moment.