JS library on mobile

Hi Retool Team

Can someone confirm if 3rd party library IS or IS NOT supported on mobile as of Jan 2024. Especially lodash and moment?

I just spent 3 days building an app, all work perfect in IDE, but crashes very often on mobile. If debug tool enable, it crash on load.

after searching in forum and found conflicting posts from Retool team members

Also, where is this support article? It's gone now. It's very frustrating

I can confirm moment.js works
And do compatible custom libraries

Thanks, yes, moment seems to be fine for me as well.

I have used lodash extensively, it seems to be throwing error on mobile in some places but not all. My mobile debug dev tool freeze the whole app on load, so I'm blind

It'd going to be a nightmare if I had to go back rewrite all lodash

lodash should also be working on mobile in my test. Turns out its something else causing the crash