Custom javascript and libraries do not work on Android or IOS

I created a function in the javascript page of the scripts section: window.functionName = ....
Then, called it from a JS query and worked in the editor and in the preview of my browser.
But when using it from my cell phone's browser or Retool App, it says that window.functionName is not a function.

Tried to console.log window in order to see how was defined, and found that only a sentry logging property was defined in the window object.

This makes the use of global JS and custom libraries unavailable in mobile.

Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome,

Regards the window object, there is section in the Retool mobile doc mentioned the limitation of this object in native environment. Same limitation for libraries. There are other limitations at the moment as well that I would consider to read it over.

Right, sorry! Somehow I didn't read that!

Do we have a timeline for this to be included? Otherwise, is there a way to convert a retool mobile app into a regular retool app?

Hey @dreinon!

Unfortunately, there's no timeline for it at the moment or a way to convert mobile apps into regular apps that I'm aware of. I'm curious what you're using the function for - maybe there's another workaround for your use case?