Joining SQL table with Retool table


I am trying to join an SQL query to a database with a data table i have created within retool.

Below is my query and example data from the table.

SELECT TimeSheetEntries.JobNo, {{table5.Machine}}
FROM TimeSheetEntries
INNER JOIN {{table5}} ON {{table5.Operation}} = TimeSheetEntries.Operation
WHERE TimeSheetEntries.JobNo LIKE '******' AND TimeSheetEntries.Category LIKE 'Cylinder'

I keep seeing variations of the error 'Must declare the table variable "@param2".'

Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve the error?
Thanks in advance

Hi @ESPMatt

Thanks for reaching out! I have a few questions/notes for you --

Is this a Query JSON with SQL query? You can use this query type to join two different sources of data like this:

How is your table data formatted? You may need to reformat the data into an array of objects.

Also, where does {{table5}} come from? If you're referencing the table component, you'll likely need to add .data ( The available table properties can be found in the left panel of the Retool editor like this: