Issues with controlling modules

I'm having a few issues with controlling embedded modules. I would assume I could easily set module inputs, but this isn't the case.

For example, in a table, I should be able to use an event handler to control the component. However, if this is a module, the only option is to set an output which makes no sense.


It is possible to set an input for a module as a URL parameter.

But it doesn't seem possible from a script:


Any ideas on this? The inability is a bit frustrating!


Hey @DuncanRitchie!

Thanks for surfacing this. It is an issue that our dev team is aware of and I've given it a bump. Will report back here when it's included!

As far as workarounds go it seems like you're on to about the best pattern I can think to recommend. One idea that might make things a little better is to try using a temp state as the module input instead of a hash parameter. Then you can use yourTempstate.setValue() or yourTempstate.setIn() similarly to how you'd use yourModuleInput.setValue().