Issue with Salesforce CRUD Delete

  • Goal: Delete a row in Salesforce

  • Steps: Button triggers javascript DeleteTransaction that triggers CRUD Delete deleteTransaction

  • Details:


I'm using Salesforce integration in Retool and I'm having issues with Delete CRUD action.

I have a javascript that is triggered by a button to delete a row from my custom object Transaction__c.

When I execute the query created in the query library, the delete action works, but when I create the query in the Retool app, it doesn't delete the row, and no error is returned.

DeleteTransaction script

deleteTransaction CRUD

deleteTransaction CRUD from Query Library

I suspect that the Resource ID content is where the problem is, but I'm not sure because I get no error message.

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Hi @procha, welcome to the forum! :wave:
I have not played with a Salesforce resource but from looking at the query that works and comparing it to the one that doesn't, it does look like it may be related to how we are setting up the Resource ID.

Could you share how this query is set up on the Query Library?