Issue with port number in the Image URL

Looks like ReTool doesnt support urls with port number.
I tried html component and usual image component. Resuli is the same.
On-click event on the same image works fine.
<div class="myClass">
<img src="">

Hey alk0v! Welcome to the community :-).
I don't think the issue is with a port number being present, but instead that the image is loaded over an unsecure HTTP protocol, instead of HTTPS. I can also see the server doesn't have an SSL certificate (not sure if that's possible without it being tied to a domain?).

So it's your browser rejecting your request to load an unsafe object (HTTP-protocol image) in a safe page (HTTPS-protocol Retool).

Is it possible for you to push the content to a facility that distributes the content over HTTPS protocol instead?

Browser successfully opened the same link with port number in a new tab (I added handler for onClick)

And I checked with HTTP but default port. It works fine.

Of course the browser will open in a new tab, as it respects the unsafe protocol as you're not mixing protocols :-).

I just checked myself with using a port on HTTPS and it works just fine. Which browser and version are you using?


Hey there!

Just want to chip in here that if the URL is blocked directly you may also be able to grab the image using a REST query and then display it in the image component using a data URI, e.g. data:image/jpg;base64,{{}}. You can also try using a custom component with an image tag which seems to work as well: