Issue with mapbox point not displaying on mobile phone

Hello Brains trust,

I am having issues with displaying points on record retrieval when using the retool app on my iPhone. When I use the website to test the app, the points display OK however when I attempt to open the records up on my mobile phone, the points do not show up.

My setup:
Backend: PostgreSQL database
Front End: Retool mobile using mapbox component


  • Records retrieved into a list component using PostgreSQL script (SELECT * FROM TABLE)
  • When selecting a record, co-ordinates are pulled from a long and lat field in the table and pushed to the mapbox component long,lat values as well as points.

Retrieve Record:
SELECT * FROM "gg_Sightings" WHERE id = {{}}
Pass to field:

  • Testing in the browser, the record opens up successfully in mapbox, zooms into the location stored in the database and displays a point

  • Testing in the retool app on the iPhone, the phone successfully zooms into the location stored in the database however the blue dot remains on my current location and a point is not displayed on screen.

Much appreciate any assistance in resolving this,

Thanking you

I have also tried to insert the data into two hidden number fields and using that in the long,lat values respectively however the same issue remains:

Point Code:
[{ id: 1, longitude: {{ numLong.value }}, latitude: {{ numbLat.value }}, color: '#ff0000'},]

@admins - can I get some assistance please?

Hi @Augustine_Whitehouse thanks for flagging this! This seems to be a bug on our end and we'll take a look, in the meantime could you try something like this?

{{ {id: 1, longitude: numLong.value ?? 1, latitude: numLat.value ?? 1, color: '#ff0000'} }}

Basically just a placeholder value until retrieveRecord finishes evaluating and numLat/numLong are defined.

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Thanks for getting back to me anathan - I'll give it a go and get back to you :slight_smile:

Still experiencing the same issue on mobile

Further information - when I open it up in a tabbed menu component, it shows up the first time I load data but then any subsequent retrievals don't show the flag any longer. Until I restart the app.

Hey @Augustine_Whitehouse! Spoke with @anathan and there is some new code going out in the next mobile native release this week which should help here. Can you update the Retool mobile app at the end of the week, and let us know if this issue still persists? Thanks :grinning:

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awesome thank you!! Looking forward to it.

Looks like the fix has been put in and this is now working a treat! Thanking you very much

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Awesome! Glad its working for you!

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