Error: undefined is not a function - Mobile app - Mapbox


I am getting this error on the mobile version of the app with a mapbox component, on my web browser the mapbox map appears with no issues, but on mobile I get that error

Please advise,


I solved this issue by removing the coordinate values from the boxes in the image below


Hey @Hugh_O_Keeffe!

Thanks for posting your solution here! How was the component interacting with input components? It looks like there could be a clearer error message here. Screenshots like the ones you've been posting are super helpful!

Hey @Kabirdas

No problem, actually the mobile version with mapbox seems to be unstable. Before, deleting Coordinates from Basic solved my issue, but then the error occurred again, and the fix was to insert coordinates into both points and basic - lat long areas, so :man_shrugging:


Odd :thinking: Good to hear that it's working for now but let me know if you start to see odd behavior again! Still curious to know more about how you're connecting the lat/lon inputs to your map.

Hi Kabirdas,

Thanks for the reply again, yes so on both android and ios in mobile, if there are no lat long specified in array in the points box, the error will occur and the map will not appear,

We have not been able to display lat/long inputs to the map or from a database which leads me to my next question,

In the points box, does it need to be an array of points or can we input the results of a query?


Yes! It's possible to return an array of points from a query to pass to your map component. It depends on the type of resource you're using, you may need to key into the data a bit further:

Are you seeing the error when trying to pass query data to the map?