Issue with Disappearing Tags in Table When Adding Mapped List in Retool Configuration


I am new to Retool and I have a question regarding configuration.

I have successfully set up my tag with the following mapped value as "standard" and no options list:

However, when I add a mapped list to my tags, they start disappearing, even though the value and label seem to be normal:

Could you please guide me on how to add a mapped list without the tags disappearing?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hello, the value of Mapped options must include the Mapped value.
As you show above, you Mapped Value is Neu, may have Used either, right?
So the value of your Mapped options must include this two valule, i.e. the query15 result should be some thing like this


Then in you value you should refer {{item.condition}} instead of {{}}

That worked, super thank you. Now, I've encountered a new challenge: I'm aiming to update the database, but I'm unsure about where to obtain the necessary ID. Here's an image illustrating the situation:.

To provide context, consider this scenario: there's a "clothes" table featuring an ID and a "condition" field. However, the "condition" field is linked as foreign key to another table named "conditions," which contains the following dataset:

Table: conditions

ID Condition
1 New
2 Almost New

Now, in the "clothes" table:

ID Condition
1 1
2 1
3 2

My goal is to comprehend how to acquire the necessary ID for performing updates.

And in the table of Cloth, the column of confition should hold the number of 1,2,etc which is the foreign key of Condition table.

I've followed all the steps you mentioned, yet I'm encountering the same problem that initially arose.



Interestingly, when I enable the option for custom values, the system functions as intended. However, my objective is to avoid creating new conditions.

The id and values looks correct.

Thank you once again for your assistance! :blush:

pls make sure your mapped value {{item}} is number. you if it is string Neuor Used ,now change it to number which should be premay key's value of condition table

So how can I change it, because it's a string:

You don't mean the format?

The id of the condition table is the primary key.

Hello, I create a demo for your refer.
Here is screenshot of retool database.


Here is json of demo app.
demo.json (24.8 KB)

You can import json to your project

Pls check the detail of completement.

Hope this can help.