Mapped value issues

Hello Guys,

I encountered an issue where I put Mapped value of conent in my table. I add mapped value to content of region_seq, but region seq columns in my table always returns "0" as you see the attached screenshot.

currentSourceRow.region_seq === 1000 ? 'seoul' :
currentSourceRow.region_seq === 2000 ? 'Busan' :
currentSourceRow.region_seq === 3000 ? 'Incheon' : 'unidentified'

Please help me how to fix it

Hi @tax - welcome to Retool community!

You almost did it. I believe this can be fixed by changing the format of this field from Number to String.

Also, in your Mapped value code you may use item instead of currentSourceRow.region_seq. This way it'll be little more elegant.

Hope this helps!

Hey @tax - I wonder if you fixed this formatting issue. If I can help please let me know

Yes, it works for me. Thanks,