Issue with Contrast Text Style

Im unsure if this is an issue or if Im doing something wrong. When I am trying to add contrast text to the style properties, it does generate a proper HEX value for good contrast, however it doesnt actually change the color of the text component, nor does the style property stay. If I were to change components, then go back and look at the original component in the inspector, the text color style property is gone.

I was hoping to use the nested styles and I do have the light and dark properties set in the nested styles of the container. Not sure if this even matters, but I am struggling to find anything else that could relate to this issue Im facing. Thanks for your help

Hello, are you trying to achieve this?

Yes thats right and I do seem to have resolved MY issue but Illuminated a new snag. I was going for a Dark Mode in the app. The Prebuilt "Comment" component is the only thing on my page that did not respond. It seems to only give dark text, no matter if the background is dark. I wont be able to implement with the comments being invisible. Any Suggestions?

The Fix: It was not a bug, but rather an error on my part.
I had a few nested containers, and found one of which had a background of #FFFFFF w/ alpha transparency at 0%, so I had overlooked that before posting. apparently the alpha confused the auto contrast text.

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