IsCan't save files

I am not able to save 2 of my files from ReTool to my SQL Server.
This has been working fine for 3 months.
I checked my connection and it is good.
I am sending screen shots for my products file.
I am able to connect to my files through GoDaddy (cPanel). I am able to browse with Google. My email works fine.
Any suggestions?

Hey @mdsmith1!

Can you check the Timeout setting in the Advanced tab of your query? It looks like it may be set to 10 milliseconds instead of 10000ms (10 seconds):

Henry: I really, really appreciate you helping me with this. I was starting to believe that there was something wrong with my computer.
The 10 ms time out was with one block of code and it effected a lot of things.
Everything works perfectly now.
Henry: Thank you so much for helping me out.