Is there a way to control the view of the calendar component?

I'm looking to:

  1. Control the day the Calendar Component displays, based on input from the Date/Time Picker tool. This looks similar to this request here:
  1. Shift the default day view to display at 9am instead of 6am.

I feel like I'm missing something terribly obvious here.

If the Calendar Component tool doesn't allow that level of control, are there any suggestions on other ways to effectively have a ~9am-9pm day view similar to that of the Calendar Component tool? As is, it's so close to being awesome : )

Thank you!

Hey joshdont! Thanks for reaching out. It doesn't look like it's currently possible to control the Calendar component in this way in Retool. Would you mind posting this as a feature request on the community so that other users who are interested can chime in on this?