More Calander Features?

Request: Better Calendar

I'm attempting to build a "Scheduler" for our field personnel and the built in calendar is severely lacking. I found the actual library on cdnjs and see it has some additional features not available in retool. I'm specifically interested in eventRezisableFromStart but access the the full range of features for this library would be nice. Is there a way I can set that value to true inside of retool?

Or has anyone successfully used another calendar for a similar use case via custom component or API of some sort?

Hey @stevenhdsdoor!

Our dev team is looking into adding a number of features from FullCalendar to the Retool component including the one mentioned here! Thanks for surfacing this :slightly_smiling_face: and keep an eye out for future updates. Would also be great to see what kinds of custom components folks may have put together in the meantime as well.

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Hey! Just want to pass along an update here that we've released a new version of the Calendar Component!

Existing events still need to be resized from the bottom :pensive: however there are updates to how users can create events along with a host of additional features. It could very well be worth checking outt!

We've already implemented the new calendar component into our system. Thanks for the update though!