Is there a limit to how many rows of data I can get from a RestAPI call?

I'm trying to import my products from Shopify and have over 4,000. I have managed to connect it as a resource and I can display the fields from the product data as I want in the UI. However, I only see 50 products. Is this a limitation or am I doing something wrong?

I find this thread on Shopify API that's relevant: Solved: Order api only shows last 50 Orders. How can I make it show them all ? - Shopify Community

I think Shopify has a default limit of 50. Generally though, you should fetch a small number of rows at a time and implement a mechanism to fetch more pages of data as people request more data.

Thanks for your reply @Harry_Doan, I had a look into this and it seems possible as a bulk operation with Graphql API calls.

I need to get all product data on shopify, apply some data transformation and post it back in JSON to another platform, scheduled daily and automated. The pagination of the data doesn't work for me but I understand your point of view if I was working on it in a dashboard type scenario.

I've just noticed that I can't automate the Rest API PUT call in the workflow feature of Retool? Any ideas how I may be able to implement the last part of posting the JSON to another platform automatically part of the workflow?

@zii_cfs Glad it's helpful! I think we do support PUT request in RestAPI in workflow. Do you see the same option like below when trying to create RestAPI request in workflow?

Ahh perfect, I didn't see that. Cool, going to test it out! :))

Thanks @Harry_Doan