Is the PDF viewer component broken? I have yet to find a single PDF that works and doesn't say "PDF could not be loaded"

Basically the subject, why does this never work?

The PDF is literally a single page Word document that I saved as PDF. I have tried quotes that I have, collateral from marketing, random PDFs downloaded online, etc. It shows that NASA sample or whatever one, but I have never found a PDF that actually works here.

Is there another way to embed a PDF file or is this it? Even this sample doesn't work, it's literally called "a simple pdf sample" and it's only text This one also, it's three words! neither work they all just say PDF could not be displayed.

Hi @lmonroe I am seeing CORS errors with the provided examples

To avoid these errors, I recommend putting the pdf url in a RestQuery & referencing the returned base64 in your pdf component:

:disappointed: This comes up pretty often, so I'm requesting to get this added to our docs!