PDF previewer with file url from firebase storage

Hi everyone, i am really happy to be here. i recently discovered retool and i am now using it to build our acounting software for my small startup.

I am currently fetching data from firestore and displaying them on a retool UI with a table component, search component, and a split button with drop. down options to 1- view pdf, 2- edit. row, 3-delete.

i have been working on the viewPDF option. the idea is that when a user selects a row from the table and selects the viewPDF option from the split button, the action fires a JS query that opens a modal within which a PDFViewer opens to show the pdf file. connected to that row. Presently, when i drag a pdfview component to my canvas, it comes with a file url set to https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/Marspathfinder.pdf which rightly displays a NASA file. When i then change this url to point to mine : https://storage.googleapis.com/public-dummy-data/public-empty.pdf i get the error message of 'pdf file not available'

Hi @Samuel_me thanks for reaching out! Welcome to Retool :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you try the solution mentioned here? :crossed_fingers: hope that helps!