Is it possible to use authentication on public embedded pages?

I have a public embedded app for my agents so they can create orders. Is it possible for me to create a login auth that redirects to an app once they have logged in? Can I use Firebase auth for this? I need to be able to have each agent identify themselves before creating an order or allowing the application to be visible.

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Hi Joel! Sorry for the delay here, but I wanted to tidy up this open end for future users:

On public links we collect no user info which means any kind of authentication would be challenging. Retool is also meant for internal users securely accessing apps through the authenticated Retool account, so any systems are built with that use-case in mind. Public apps allow for unauthenticated, open access to the embedded app. If you need to give users access to confidential information or dangerous functionality, they should be logging in with a Retool account.