Is it possible to use a single Rest Api query by passing in different url parameters as variables in other retool components

Currently I have 7-10 Rest Api queries that are essentially identical other than the url parameter. I am using their input in a table. I was wondering if I could just have a single query but pass in the url parameters as variables and then use the results in a table?

Hi @srivya, will you only be populating a single table with the different rest api results at a time? If yes, then it is possible. You will need to use input components to dynamically dictate your REST API resource the different URL params and values you have. You can set the base url for an API resource and just adjust the URL params.

If no, i.e. your result for rest_api_1 needs to be shown in a table simultaneously with the results from rest_api_2 in a different table, then you need to have multiple resources with this. The problem is that once you run the same query with a different param and values, then you'll have a different result for that single resource.