Can I REST request app queries from outside retool?

This might sound dumb, but I have spent 5 days in creating an app on retool but I now I want to integrate it with my other app hosted somewhere else. The other hosted app want to use some of the data from what I have created on retool. Can I make REST APIs out of my app?

Hi @Suyash_Dixit!

Would you mind sharing a bit more about the data you're trying to access from outside of Retool? There might be a couple of options for you here, like Workflows or the connection strings for Retool Database that are being rolled out. But it'd be good to know exactly what you're looking to do!

So say I create a query on retool. Can I convert it to Rest API and access it from outside retool?

Wait, I think I can solve it using workflows and query libraries

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Yep! That sounds like a good way to go about it. If you create a query using the Query Library you can have it run both in an app and a triggerable Workflow :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup. It's done :slight_smile: