Is it possible to upload files to Cloudflare R2 using Retool's native S3 resource?

Hi everyone,

We're working on a back-office application that will manage many types of files that are going to be served using Cloudflare R2.
Retool has native support for uploading files to S3 which works for us since R2 provides an S3-like API but it seems according to the documentation that AWS is the only possible target for such integration.

Has anyone done something similar? Can we satisfy this requirement using JavaScript instead?

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Hi @Omer_Katz,

Thanks for reaching out to our community!

Looking internally, it looks like we don't currently support this with our S3 integration, but we have a bug request on file to look into this further. I can post here if we make any progress on getting this to work with the integration!

It may be possible to connect to your resource with our Rest api integration in the meantime. It looks like we have some users trying that here

Let us know if that will work for you for now!

We would also like to use Cloudflare R2 as an s3 compatible storage in Retool, but we get the following error message when setting up the resource (button "test connection"):

Test connection failed
The region name 'eu-central-1' is not valid. Must be one of: wnam, enam, weur, eeur, apac, auto
The error message indicates that the region name 'eu-central-1' is not a valid region for the Amazon S3 API. To troubleshoot, you can check if the region name is spelled correctly and if it matches one of the valid region options: wnam, enam, weur, eeur, apac, or auto. Additionally, ensure that you are using the latest version of the Amazon S3 API and that your credentials are correctly configured.

Could you provide a way to set the region manually or fix this issue by using the special region names of Cloudflare R2? See also: Data location · Cloudflare R2 docs

We have also tried to implement an alternative solution using REST API integration, but fail to do so due to the complexity of creating a valid authorization header to upload an S3 object.

Hi @schaub,

Thanks for surfacing this & providing more details. We still have that bug request internally for supporting CloudFlare R2, as several users have reported that it isn't currently working with our S3 integration :disappointed: I'll let the team know another user reached out! I'll post here if we're able to ship a fix

Hi there @Tess

I'm also looking to upload files to R2 - I wanted to see if this is possible either through the native S3 resource or via the REST API integration. Doesn't seem like this thread or the other has the answer