Cutting and pasting into a table

Is there a way to copy and paste multiple rows from an excel sheet into a table in retool to make multiple records and have said data save to an azure db? I'm thinking I would have to have a form with a save button and do one record at a time, but I'm hoping I'm wrong.

Interesting concept! I guess you can copy-paste into a textarea and then parse it using Papaparse (built-in)?

When copying from Excel/spreadsheets, and inserting to a normal text input, the data should be tabulated, which Papaparse can handle. You then need to parse the result yourself and insert multiple rows.

Hope this helps get you going!


No way to do that now, You can only add a single record at a time from the table component and only paste only one cell at a time. But this makes a great feature request. I'm going to move this over there if you don't mind.

In the mean time what @jonathanbredo suggests is your best option, in fact others have done some similar things.

A more advanced option which I have done for bulk new product uploads, is it to spin up an Azure function that accepts a CSV file and adds all of the records there. I use Retool to POST the file to the API endpoint and then refresh the products table and voila, new records!

We're using a flat spreadsheets right now. We want to use a database instead but the thing to over come is that the admin person, she copy and pastes multiple rows at a time. If she had to input everything one at a time, that would take her a lot longer to do. I don't know if there is a different view like a list view other then table or is this just how it is across all database interfaces.

Like mentioned before - this you can build already today with just one line of code on a textarea :-).