Is it possible to install NPM packages or use a React application inside Retool?

I have an application created with Retool in which I need to add a flow to create registrations that can support payments using to handle payments, there are some NPM packages that I could use to make the integration with Authorize (react-acceptjs) but in the documentation I have seen so far from Retool there is nothing that helps me for the use case I need, I checked the option to create a custom component but still I can not use Authorize. net because it is required to use the UMD version of the library and as far as I researched there is no such thing for, Do you have any idea what I could do in this case ?

I was thinking of creating a React application that has the packages I need and then embed that application in Retool but I am not sure if that is possible.

your best bet would be to try and add a custom library. this can only be done w a cdn which for you can be found here: react-acceptjs CDN by jsDelivr - A CDN for npm and GitHub

there are a few good tips by @alex-w and @Tess covering custom libraries here:

Then I thought I'd include this quote from the docs that not only suggested you might be able to use a custom component instead but also points out the file requirements:

CDNJS lists libraries you can load. Retool recommends you load the minified, UMD build, usually named with the format <library>.min.js . Non-minified builds usually require @require or import statements. Some libraries are not compatible with Retool, and you may need to use these in custom components.

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Your tips are very helpful, thank you very much @bobthebear

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