Adding Javascript App with Retool

Am I able to add the scheduling package below in Retool? Note: I am still learning javascript and only trying to determine the feasibility for a client.

Getting Started with Bryntum Scheduler Pro in JavaScript with npm package manager | Bryntum SchedulerPro

Hey @mullinsjo!

I'm not seeing public distribution for this library so it's a bit hard to test. The best I've found so far for Gantt charts in Retool is this - could that work for you?

It looks like Bryntum does have a UMD build which is a common blocker but that doesn't guarantee that it will work, and, If you'd want to access that library without it having a URL you might need to self-host Retool in a way that allows you to access the library from a location on your own server.

Let me know if I'm missing something though! If it's available on a content delivery network somewhere I'd also be happy to test :slightly_smiling_face: