Is it possible to create multiple start triggers?

For example I want to run a job first thing on Monday, lunchtime on Wednesday, and last thing on Friday. Currently there is only a single line of cron available, so the only way to achieve this is manually by running hourly, and having the first block return early if it hasn't been run within an acceptable boundary of those expected times.

What seems entirely impossible is to have a single job run once a week, but also allow the same job to be triggered by a webhook to manually refresh the job.

Am I missing a button, or if not can I make a feature request?

Hey Jamey! We have this on our roadmap now, thank you for adding your feedback here :slight_smile: I'll keep this thread updated accordingly!

Hi Victoria, that's great news, thank you! I look forward to seeing it. :smiley:

Just seen this is live now, and it's perfect! :smiley: Thanks Retool team.