New resource: Retool Vector?

Was doing some work on one of my apps this afternoon, and happened to notice a new type of resource: "Retool Vector".
Vector databases integrated directly in Retool?!? TELL US MORE!!!:grin:

Should be more info soon. Stay tuned!


It should be sth related to AI, Maybe this is docs?

Hi @TomRizz,

Check out this Blog Post.

Looks like Retool has released some new AI tools and a Vector database. Really cool stuff, check out the docs here: Retool AI | Retool Docs

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Yes @TomRizz you were ahead of the game, nice find :male_detective: Check out our related announcement post over here

We're aiming to share out more 'announcement' topics in the Announcements category of the forum for some of our larger product/feature launches, or goings-on in the forum. Our docs, blog, change log etc (and the product itself, as you found :slight_smile: ) are also good places to keep an eye out for what's new!