Searching inside Queries, Transformers, Scripts

Let's say there's a temporary state called stateParentStatus inside my app. I come across this months after developing it or someone else on my team put it into action. Let's say I want to see how it's actually used. It would cool to be able to search for "stateParentStatus" and see which Queries, Transformers, Scripts, etc are setting/referring to it.

I see in State there are references to Controls, Updates, and so on. This is useful, and perhaps I can get to what I'm looking for by hunting around there. If so, I'm not very skilled at it yet. I almost always want to see how it's getting set. Is this something I can do today?

Or another related example, let's say I just want to see where a particular table is getting updated. I might want to search in all Queries for "update my_table". Unlike the example in my original post which referred to an object in the retool space, this is just arbitrary text inside the query.

There is a code search feature (Beta) if you are using Cloud version
Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 9.25.41 AM

That's cool. I am self-hosting. Perhaps post beta this feature makes it to self-hosters.

Hello, you can see in here what component the querys/variables are attached to

Thanks. I haven't been taking stock (noticing) the Depends on type in the State view. Makes sense for seeing how components are utilized. It sounds like maybe the beta search feature might cover searching arbitrary text inside queries (places where tablenames might appear).