Internal admin panel: single App or multiple Apps?

We are trying to migrate our internal admin panel to Retool. We can't find any published best practices for this and are trying to figure out the best way to implement this.

  • The admin panel will only be used internally by our team
  • It will have multiple pages (e.g., Customers, Billing, Activity Log, etc)
  • ~80 of the data will be through PostgreSQL, 20% will be custom REST APIs
  • Some pages will be quite complex, but most will be basic CRUD-type pages

For apps like this, is it generally recommended to create a single Retool app with multiple pages? Or should each admin page have it's own Retool app?

One app, multiple "pages" (which are considered apps)- this will allow you to handle Permissions at the app level depending on who needs to see what.... That's just one example aside from performance...
My 2 cents.

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Hello @aamir ,

Thank you for your question!

Retool would recommend building separate Retool apps(your pages) linked together with a single Nav component.

This will produce the best end user experience and performance overall from the sounds of your use case.

Hope this helps give you confidence to move in that direction!

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