Interactive progress bar

Hi there, I'm a student using retool to build a survey based web-app with multiple pages. I am pretty new to programming. I want to implement a progress tracker component that increases (from 25% to 50% for example) on the next page when a "complete" button is pressed at the bottom of the first page. Any advice on how to implement this?

The built in progress bar takes in a value from 1 to 100. You can update to whatever value you need to move the progress bar.

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If the button moves it by a static amount then you can update via button click as well

Hi there thank you for the help,

While this solution works for when the progress bar is in the same app as the button component, I have 5 separate apps within one folder that we are using as different pages. Is there a way to make it so that if the button on the first app is pressed, the progress bar on the app that it directs to updates, from for example 25 to 50%? But then if the complete button is not pressed, the progress bar does not update?

Is the progress being written back to a database? If you yes, when loading the next app it can read it from database and update as needed.

Or you can use URL query parameters to pass the progress value to the next app. You can read it here:

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