Integration Tutorial - Emmanuel Katto

Hi all, I am Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. I am new to retool and exploring it. I need tutorials on integration of retool. Can someone help?

Emmanuel Katto

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Hi @emmanuelkatto, welcome to the forum!

I'm sure you'll find lots of people willing to help, and loads of resources already available from tons of questions already answered.

What kind of integrations are you looking at? It would be great if you could provide more context, what are you struggling with. It's fine if you don't know where to start, but in order for you to receive proper guidance a little bit of details about your goal would be super helpful (e.g. what system do you want to integrate to retool? Are you thinking about Databases only or also API connections? Are you interested in the AI part of things?, etc etc)


Thanks @MiguelOrtiz ! Right now I am exploring about Database.

Hi @emmanuelkatto,

So, not knowing anything about your project or requirements it is a bit difficult to guide you. My recommendation would be taking a look at:

  • Retool's database which you can use right from the start with no additional set up and can help you develop your proof of concept or MVP
  • If you need something more complex than that, here you can find the list of native integrations that retool offers, with documentation on how to create the integration.

Hope that's pointing you in the right direction.

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