Upload Excel to Workflow via App for data processing

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I have don't know how to build an App that can do some processing to the excel file upload, could you kindly give me some ropes? Thanks.

Ideally in my App the user can upload an excel file, and then click a button, the file will be sent to a workflow as the input. In the workflow, I’m conducting some complexed processing on the file using Python. The result will be a new data, either allows the user to download it as Excel from the App, or send it to an email address provided by user, or insert it directly to Retool database. Whichever way possible, the user need to receive the processed data.

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Hi @LeoLiao Thanks for reaching out!

This certainly sounds doable :blush:

You can trigger a workflow from your app using a webhook. Then, you can add a response to your workflow, that sends the modified data back to the app.

Here's an example of a query calling a workflow from an app and passing data from a file input component to the workflow:

For the download path, you can trigger a query in the app to download as an Excel file

For the email path, you can connect an email resource (we recently shipped Retool Email) and send the data to the user's email

For the insert path, you can upload the data to Retool db via an insert query

Here's an example of using Retool Storage + Retool Email:

Get the base64 of the parsed file data returned from my workflow using this approach:

Save that base64 data to Retool Storage:

Send as an email attachment: