Integrate Chat App Q&A with Database via workflow


I am a retool newbie and I created a chat app on retool where users can ask questions and using vectors and Ai the chat answers back. This works fine.

But I want to create a database where the Q&A any user asks is recorded. So I was thinking of utilising a workflow to help me get it done, but seem to be having a problem firstly connecting to the app and second making sure the Q&A are captured and populated in a retool database.

Below is an example of me trying and failing to build a workflow.

Also FYI the chat app I am trying to connect with:

Annotation 2024-07-08 151335

Can someone please help me with how I can build this workflow out.



I see a couple problems in the workflow to start with:
when this block runs, the first thing it does is use the URL and request Method to send a REST Request. to do this, it has to first evaluate what the url is. the Resource you've made (TechBot API) sets the base url as ...Bot/.... which is probably something like the 2nd half the URL, which describes the Endpoint, is provided by reading the value of {{ }}? and at this point in time the workflow block doesn't have the result from sending the GET request so evaluates to null or undefined 100% of the time. instead, you should check the docs for the API you're using and use one of those. for me, I'd use something like assistants or {{ "assistants" }} as the Endpoint, which would result in a GET request being sent to the URL of

the ? you have in the restQuery is probably not parsing/linting as valid syntax and if not, the result might not be what you expected. if you want to add a ? onto the end of a string I'd suggest either using .concat or the + operator:
{{'?') }} or
{{ + '?' }}

the same problem is occurring here. the block named code hasn't ran to completion yet so code and don't exist yet. however, here I think you want to use const chatData =

the last issue I can see right now is in the sqlQuery block. blocks only have 3 properties you can access (.data, .error and .metadata) all of which can only be used AFTER the block completes. this means instead of trying to reference the input directly with $BLOCK_INPUT_3.question try referencing the output of the block that has the value you want:

INSERT INTO chat_records (user_name, question, answer) 
  VALUES ({{ }}, {{ }}, {{ }})

Hi @bobthebear thank you very much for your help. I have managed to make it the workflow work after following your instructions, see below:

I added a trigger in the app to link with the workflow, which also seems to work and now there seems to be a link between the workflow and app.

I also see an entry in the database every time the app is used, however I am getting null values in the question and answer columns in the database.

I am guessing the correct values are not being used to record the question and answer between the workflow and app.

Any idea what I need to update to ensure the Q&A are being recorded in the database. Below is the app set up if needed:
app set up