Trigger a workflow from an app

TIL how to trigger a Workflow from an app and wanted to share it with anyone else who may also be stumped.

  1. In your Workflow, set your Start Trigger to "Webhook" (docs on Workflow Webhooks here)

  2. In your app, create a REST API query to POST to the url provided in the "Example cURL" field of the Webhook.

That's it :tada: If you want to trigger a Workflow on success of another query run, for example, you can add a Success handler to that query and run this REST API query we just made.

Let us know if you have any questions about this!

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Hi Victoria! Wanted to drop a line here to say thanks for looking into this for me! Appreciate you :slight_smile:

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Troubleshooting for anyone trying this out:

  1. Don't make the mistake I did of putting the entire "curl -X..etc" in the base url field. Start at "https:// and go until the end of the double quote.
  2. Make sure you Deploy the workflow or else your app won't be able to 'see' it and will return a false flag.