Insert text at the EOL in TextArea

Hi guys,

How do I add dynamic text to a text field instead of replacing it? There is other text that needs to display dynamically.

I am using an event handler on a switch component when it is true. However I’m doing so, I am only able to Set the Value as a whole.

Thank you for your time.

You may need to use temp state to set that value first and then add to it and then set the value of the field of that new temp state value. A js query would work which could be triggered by that event handler

Hi @ScottR

Thank you very much for this, I believe I come right with your mentioned solution.

Just a quick question, is this efficient? The reason why I am asking, is because there will be quite a bit of queries and states that I will be creating in order to achieve what I am doing.

Thank you

Hard to say without full context but over time you will probably find ways to improve it as you learn more