Shift Enter on TextArea does not "save"

Using a TextArea component to store customer notes. The Shift+Enter and Esc keys don't seem to operate in the same way as with other editable fields. I know its not actually "saving" but the operation gives the impression it is on other fields. I've also noticed that the onChange event fires for each keypress unlike with other editable field types.

In particular Shift+Enter just adds another line. I've also looked at using the EditableTextArea component which does seem to work as expected, however its not possible to limit the number of visible lines so not something I could use, if there are masses of notes then the text area would be huge.

Any solutions?


Hi @Rob_Faulkner

Thanks for reaching out about this! I don't know of another workaround for you, but I've shared this feedback internally as a feature request and will let you know if it's something we can implement