Input for Retool workflow

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I'm looking to kickstart my workflow with some user interaction. Within my JS scripts, I've got a handful of variables that need to be set, and I'd love to get the user involved in this process. Is there a method or technique I could use to prompt the user for these variable inputs? I'm all ears for suggestions and advice on how to make this as seamless as possible!

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Can you share some more information? What the app/workflow should do? screenshots?
Are you referring to Retool Workflows OR an app using the IDE?

I'm currently leveraging Retool Workflows for my project.

The existing setup involves my workflow generating a series of random prompts, with the variable n dictating the count. Presently, I'm manually modifying the n value directly within my JS code. Yet, I'm intrigued – is there a method by which I can input the desired n value at the initiation of my workflow, rather than altering it within the script itself

How about past n value via post when you run query?
then retreive it in the workflow's startTrigger.value.n?

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