Dynamic Workflow Results Based On Component Input

First, a little bit of background, which I will preface with saying that I have very little knowledge of coding.

I have an app built that allows people to view Safety Suggestions entered on a Google Form for all of our warehouses. These suggestions all contain a Profit Center number (PC#) that we use to delineate each warehouse.

I also made a workflow for these suggestions that sends a notification (only to myself at the moment) each day letting the users know if a new suggestion was entered the day before. (Using STMP through SendGrid for this)

What I am looking to do is make a form on the app to sign up for the mailing list. In the form, I want to have the user enter their PC# and have them only receive results that contain that number.

Is that a possibility with the current ReTool options? If so, how would I go about doing so?

I have looked through Google and the forms and haven't seen anything yet. If I can get a rough idea, I can hammer a draft out to post for further feedback.

Safety Suggestion Dashboard (Link)

Workflow (I don't know if this is how I am supposed to share this)

Hey @Alexander_Cumpston!

There's a new feature that the Workflows team is rolling out to let you run subflows as a block in your workflow:

I think that might be particularly helpful here! If you can get a list of unique PC#'s that have show up in the last day you could use Loop Block to go through that list, and run a workflow for each PC# that sends emails to the corresponding people. I imagine you could build that workflow from what you already have for finding a list of emails and constructing the emails themselves. The main difference being that you would filter the list of emails using something like

Select * from "Suggestion_Email_List" where pc = {{ startTrigger.data.pc }}

Does that sound like it might work?

Also, for reference! Links like that are fine to share if you'd like folks from the Retool team to take a look, for other people on the community to be able to see your apps you'll need to export them as a JSON. Here's how to do that for apps, and here's how to do it for workflows!

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Thank you very much for your help! I will try that out and will see how it goes.

Also, thank you for letting me know how to share with the community better. That will help me a lot moving forward with any more questions I have.