Input edit pencil icon showing random characters

I'm seeing these random characters next to the pencil icon for my editable inputs. Is this related to my setup or a bug?

Hi @tiffany Were you able to resolve this already? If not, any chance you can share an export of your app? We have a bug report that we are tracking and looking to resolve, but it's been difficult to reproduce consistently :thinking:

You can export by clicking the download button in the debug tools:

Hi @Tess I was able to reproduce it today.

I've attached my JSON file below. Let me know if you have any more details. Thanks

CreateNew.json (1.6 MB)

Thanks! I'll share this with our team. I'm not seeing the issue on my side, so if you can share what browser you're using, whether it happens in an incognito window, and how often it happens, that could help as well!

This seems to be intermittent again I have not been able to reproduce this at the moment. I am on Chrome Version 124.0.6367.60 (Official Build) (arm64).

I'll keep you posted if I hear any updates internally