Infrastructure Bug? Javascript code block failing with "getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND workflows-api"

I'm seeing a new error that I haven't been seeing beforehand while testing locally:

This is obviously a matter of using 'workflows-api' as a hostname, but I've run this step before and not had issues. Is this a known bug right now or an outage/update that is causing problems?

Here is an example of the javascript code block which is calling a function:

The function looks like this and is also failing without much more information:

Postgres queries that don't depend on the function are failing with an error that doesn't offer much, as well:

Postgres DB is still reachable and working fine with Retool when testing the connection for the resource:

I'm not sure what has happened behind the scenes to cause the code that calls a function and postgres blocks to stop operating - all of the javascript code blocks (that simply due switch operations) are working properly.

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From the Troubleshooting Guide it looks like we may need to setup SSH tunneling to get to the database (at least part of the issue).

@Coltyn may be working with us on this for our infrastructure which is in Aptible. We are working out whether we need to have the code execution container running alongside the retool backend container because Aptible doesn't support docker compose in order for us to run the compose setup that would include both containers.