In-App Notifications

Hi all,

Does Retool have a function for in-app notifications?

Use case:

I have an app that I have created for the operations team at my org. There are 2 user groups for this app, management and ICs. I would like to create a feature where anybody from the management group could create an announcement that would be displayed to everybody in the IC group. I would like the announcement to be in the form of a popup that a user would have to click a button in order for it to go away so they can resume using the app.

Any thoughts on this? I do not see any components that would help achieve what I am trying to build.

Thanks in advance!

I think you would have to build a short form that allows management to submit announcements into a database.
Then when any IC opens the app you can run a query to get the announcement and then show that announcement in an Information notification.
Check out:

Hi Scott,

That link isn't working for me. I'll try again later.

Your suggestion makes a lot of sense and I am already doing something similar, albeit not for notifications. Appreciate your help!

There is a Docs link above click that and search for utils

@ScottR Is any confirmation conponent? just like confirm in js

if (window.confirm("Do you really want to leave?")) {"exit.html", "Thanks for Visiting!");

When you create a query, look at Advanced tab and select the checkbox to show a confirmation message before running the query

Yes, I know that way. But I want a programmatically way.

Maybe open modal?
Drag a modal onto the canvas and hide it by default.
Then run;

Hm, that link isn't working for me either. Possibly because we changed our docs format ( :thinking: We're trying our best to make sure links exist or are redirected appropriately)

I'm also linking our notification utility. You could write some logic to check if the current_user is in a particular Retool permission group and show/not show the notification. With this utility, it's similar to other Retool events, where it would be something that an editor sets up & determines the logic or events that will cause the notification to show to users.