imageInput launchMode Bug, when no camera available

With an imageInput where the Input Method is set to "Camera + Library", if there is no Camera available, the component is inaccessible. All you get is an error message that says "No camera is available".

If Input Method is set to "Library Only", the imageInput's filepicker opens fine.

Albeit, this is relevent primarily (if not exclusively) for a user accessing the mobile app via a PC (which doesn't have a camera), it seems that this is not the intended behavior.

If there is no camera, and "Camera + Library" is selected, the filepicker should open.

Along these lines, it appears that the real-life implementation of the component is inconsistent with the Reference Docs for the component.

According to the Docs, launchMode has three possible values:

'camera' │ 'library' │ 'option'

Whether to capture images from the camera, photo library, or enable the user to select.

However, in the settings for the component, there are two options:
"Camera + Library" and "Library Only"
And when "Camera + Library" is selected, the components state show's: launchMode "camera"

It would be great if in a scenario where no camera is available, that the component could still be accessible for the filepicker. Or perhaps some other way to avoid the the error message (while still using the same imageInput component) - we're trying to avoid having a whole parallel flow with hidden components/buttons/functions to support this scenario)?

retoolContext.platform could be used, except Input Method is not dynamic.