I'm not crazy, am I?

I'm trying to set an event handler to display the file name in a text field of a file dragged into a dropzone, but when I set the value to point directly at the value of the filename (a string), it displays the error, "The value has to be of type 'boolean | string | number | void', you provided an array" despite that it shows the value directly below and identifies it as a string.


No, that does not look like you are going crazy.

Can you share the drop zone setup as well?

I just setup a similar arrangement and did not have an issue (without an event handler):

As you posted this, I was trying it the exact same way- just referencing dropzone.value[0].name and it works. Just weird that the error was even happening on the event handler for the dropzone, despite the referenced value being a string.

Hey @samgray1999! I can't repro your issue either :thinking:

Glad to hear that referencing the value directly is working for you for now, but let me know if you want to try the event handler approach again and I'd be happy to dig into it with you!