Event handler misreading 'set in' value

I currently have a text entry field inside a listView component.
On the text entry field I have an event handler that's designed to insert a prototype of a dictionary into an existing variable when the user clicks the field (i.e. field is in focus).

For some reason the event handler's value field won't recognize a valid dictionary as an object but instead wants to treat the dictionary as a string. I have other event handlers that operate in the same way but are not inside a listView component and they work perfectly.

Image of the broken event handler:

Image of the working handler that is not inside a listView component:

One is a click handler the other is a focus handler - any reason why?

The latter is attached to a button instead of a text entry field.

Text entry fields only accepts strings...you may need to add a button to generate that info and store it somewhere in the form...

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So, the way it's currently working is that clicking the text entry field sets up the prototype dictionary in a separate variable. Whatever is entered into the text entry field is then inserted into that object through a separate handler. I'm not trying to insert an object into the value of the text entry field itself, so I'm not sure why the handler for a text entry field would stop you from setting variables as non-text values. Perhaps a bug?

I have now found a workaround for this so a solution is no longer needed.
But still want this to be flagged in case it is a bug and needs fixing.


Really strange -- thanks for flagging @jleem This looks like a linting bug. As far as I can tell, it still correctly sets the variable to an object even though the tooltip says it's a string :thinking: