.parsedValue of the File button get empty array

as showed at # Insert CSV data into a database
we can get parsedValue of CSV, but when I try it, got empty array.

I have had this happen with malformed CSV. Check your CSV source?

Hello, thanks. I try different csv and also download several online, there is still can't get the parsedValue.

The same bug in file input component

Try this trick:

  1. Open the CSV in Excel.
  2. Save it as XLSX.
  3. Close Excel and open the XLSX. (Don't skip this step!)
  4. Save as CSV (MS-DOS)

Then try uploading it.

Hello, I try it, the same empty result. I don't think there is any problem with my csv file.

Here is the screenshoot of it, I use notepad to open it.


Ok this had me stumped (always worked for me) so I played around a bit, I just noticed that you also need to enable the Parse Files property. Was that always there and I forgot?


It also looks like you must have headings or the first row of data will be mistaken for headings.

Yes, I forgot to enable the Parse Files property :joy:. It work now. Thanks.

Yeah weird one. I added one earlier to test test this for you and it was not selected.

But I just did another one just now (I have my a new CSV import feature I am adding) and it is selected by default. Maybe that is why I do not remember setting it in my last app - it was on by default.

Ahh, if you select Single File Selection Type, the Parse files option deselects.

Bug I guess? @Tess

That does sound like a bug! I don't seem to be able to reproduce it though:

^ Are those the only steps you needed to do to have the option automatically deselect or is there something else involved?

Sorry, we moved from File Button to File Dropzone where I noticed the bug:


  1. Put a new File Dropzone on the canvas.
  2. Parse files is selected by default
  3. Set Selection Type to Single File.
  4. The Parse files option deselects.

But wait! I try it again and the Parse files is no longer selected by default! And now I can't repro anymore because of that.

:ghost: :ghost: in the machine.

Or the IDE is gaslighting me again. :diya_lamp:

Ah thanks for still sharing the context! Will keep an eye out :ghost: :diya_lamp: :eyes: