iFrame S3 upload fails (server 500 error), but works when not in an iFrame

I have an app that uses an S3 resource to upload files to, and it works just fine except when I embed my app as an iFrame in my parent application (Next.JS based app).

The app appears to load fine in the iFrame, authentication is working as expected, and there are no odd errors appearing in the JS console.

When attempting the upload the iFrame JS console throws a server 500 error, which occurs when it attempts to asynchronously call the api/sign_s3_upload endpoint. There is no additional information, and this same process works flawlessly when not being performed through an iFrame.

The payloads being sent look virtually identical with the exception of the 'pageName' property being slightly different. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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I am also having this issue.

Update the error seems to be driven from the s3Upload component. We were able to resolve it using the drag and drop file uploaded with a s3 query instead.

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